Please be sure that you have accurate and current emergency information in your wallet including family and friend contacts who can step in and take care of your child if you are suddenly unable to do so due to accident or illness.
There have been two incidents in Georgia in the past 10 years, where no one was immediately available to take the kids in an emergency situation. The children ended up in state foster care and it took MONTHS to get them backfrom the state.

In the more recent case, the mom had given birth to twins,was sent home, then had to return to the hospital with the babies due to bleeding. No one was immediately available to take the newborns and they went into foster care.  It took her over 6 months to get them back. The govenor finally had to step in to help her out!

In the second incident, an out of state couple and their two children were involved in an auto accident. One parent was instantly killed and the other in a coma. The kids were slightly injured. It took the grandparents months to get them out of foster care.